I will fight to be Your Voice in Sacramento. 

*No More Taxes, Initiate Tax Reductions 

*Protect Veterans

*Reduce DMV Registration Fees

*Fight the $15 minimum wage

*End Sanctuary State, Take Care of Our Own

*Push for Renegotiations Regarding the Sites Reservoir. Take bids from Local Companies, for Local Jobs

*As Your State Assembly, my staff and I will work twice as hard, for a reduced cost, saving District 4 $434,000 vs the current $980,000annually in taxpayers money.

*Bring Jobs and Companies BACK to California 

*Take Care of Our SENIOR CITIZENS!!!

*Make Our Education System Better than ever before!

*Protect ADA, help integrate folks with disabilities to achieve their life Dreams and Goals.

*Making Health, and Homeowners Insurance Companies competitive and affordable for ALL Californian's.

*Ending the free Insurance to Illegal Immigrants. 

*Properly resolving the Homelessness issues. Utilizing existing programs, funds, Mental Health, Rehab and Employment programs to get people back on their feet and NOT DEPENDENT Upon Taxpayers $$

**FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR COPS** Repeal Anti Law Enforcement liberal laws, which have not only cost taxpayers much more money, it's Costing the Lives of our Brave Men & Women, who leave their families everyday and night, to Selflessly Protect All of Us. 


This is my platform... It is Solid, It is Direct, It is Honest and It Is What Will Make Our State SAFE. I Hear You! Join me, as we take this to Sacramento, and get Our California Back!

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